Whether you are in need of a brand new boat or are repairing/upgrading your vessel, Snow & Company will work with you to help bring your design concept to life!


Commercial fishermen work in one of the world’s harshest environments which can be very stressful. The backbone of Snow & Company’s mission is reducing this stress through upgrading your boat and fishing equipment.


Routine maintenance is key to the longevity of your vessel. Snow & Company can provide the skills and materials necessary to keep your boat in top working condition.


Snow & Company has over 18 years of experience repairing and building custom marine interiors. We understand that every boat is different and will go out of our way to make sure that every installation is custom fitted to each specific boat.


Our in-house designer will use 3D CAD programs to help develop your design concept into a workable model.

Snow & Company is a boatbuilding and repair company located in the heart of Ballard in Seattle, WA. We have serviced workboat owners for the last 18 years with innovative designs and a reputation building on trust and outstanding workmanship.

Hours That Meet Your Needs

At Snow & Company, we start working at 7AM and will continue working until 5PM. Arrangements can be made if we need to meet you earlier or later in the day.

We Work Efficiently

Whether we are working in our shop, at our dock, or offsite, we will

Hands On

We encourage you to be a part of the design process as well as allow owners and crew to work on their vessel while it is in our facility.


Whether you are in need of a brand new boat or are repairing/upgrading your vessel, you'll enjoy the tight knit, small shipyard experience that is the core of our heritage.


New Skiff

28th May 2014

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted, but just know that we’ve been busy coming up with a new innovation! The new 24′ seine skiff is more like a tug than...

New Jobs: Barge, Control Cab, Crows Nest…

15th Oct 2013

Here are the guys assembling the frame for our first 40×12 oil recovery barge For the Infinite Glory we are replacing the crows nest, check it out This is the...

103 001

Happy Halloween from Snow & Company

08th Oct 2013

Fall has arrived and with it came new jobs! Here are a few of the jobs we have so far: On the Lake Bay we focused on repairing the hand...


Snow builds barges!

22nd Jul 2013

One of our newest projects is to build two barges for a salvage project in the South Pacific. Here is a look at the frames:  


Construction Skiff

01st Jul 2013

We are working hard to finish skiff #14! To get the design we partnered with Curtin Maritime. Click on the picture to learn more about this construction skiff.

Skiff Line from Boat

Skiff Shuffle

08th Jan 2013

Today is finally the day that we were able to shuffle the skiffs that we had been working on in the shop, out into the water!  With the help of...