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New Skiff

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted, but just know that we’ve been busy coming up with a new innovation! The new 24′ seine skiff is more like a tug than a skiff. It has a bigger wheel, 40″ propeller, and a Kort nozzle, so you get more bollard pull with less horsepower, using less fuel. See the write up about it i [...]

New Jobs: Barge, Control Cab, Crows N...

Here are the guys assembling the frame for our first 40×12 oil recovery barge IMG_2519 IMG_2528 IMG_2529 [...]

Happy Halloween from Snow & Comp...

Fall has arrived and with it came new jobs! Here are a few of the jobs we have so far: On the Lake Bay we focused on repairing the hand rails We are building a new wheel  house for the fishing vessel Holly D In the shop we continue to build new boats and repairing ones that come in.  Here we have a new Construction skiff being built [...]

Lights, Camera, Action!

A commercial for the Construction Skiff  is coming soon IMG_2519 IMG_2528 IMG_2529 IMG_2532 [...]

Snow builds barges!

One of our newest projects is to build two barges for a salvage project in the South Pacific. Here is a look at the frames:  


Here are the winches that were made to go on the most recently built Northern Marine Booms LOOKING GOOD!  

Construction Skiff

We are working hard to finish skiff #14! To get the design we partnered with Curtin Maritime. Click on the picture to learn more about this construction skiff.

Two Story Deck House!

We partnered with Curtin Maritime to design a two story deck house for the LCM 8.  We are building this to go on a landing craft in the Port of Long Beach! LCM 8 Front

Skiff Shuffle

Today is finally the day that we were able to shuffle the skiffs that we had been working on in the shop, out into the water!  With the help of a crane from our neighbors and some cooperative weather, yeah right, we got all of the skiffs into the water.  To transport them around to the other side of the dock, we tied them together and drove t [...]

A Snowy New Year

We are starting the year off with a BANG! We’ve just started construction on four booms, two aluminum 40′ main booms and two steel 30′ telescoping picking booms. GR routering the edges on one of the cages for the main booms. Our mechanics are finishing up on three seine skiffs, just in time for us to shuffle three more into [...]