Snow & Company’s standard Flupsy has 32 seed bins with a capacity of 533 liters each, giving it a total capacity of 17,056 liters.

The overall size of a single Flupsy is 26ft wide and 99ft long. Additional Flupsys increase the width by 20ft each. The Seed Bins are arranged in two rows on either side of a 3ft deep, 4ft wide river channel with a paddle wheel at one end and a working float at the other. The age old technology of a paddle wheel is unsurpassed in simplicity and efficiency when head pressure is not a concern. Utilizing a 1HP electric motor with a 300:1 gearbox, the paddlewheel can move as much as 8 million gallons of water through the river channel per day. Water flow is easily regulated by changing the speed of the paddle wheel, or at individual bins by adjustable gates installed just below the waterline between the bins and the river channel.

On the outer sides of the bins are long floats with 2 gantry tracks spanning the entire Flupsy. The bin holders and river channel lay on top of adjustable brackets that are bolted to the long floats.

The gantries enable picking seed bins for cleaning and sorting, picking the paddle wheel for cleaning and maintenance, and the river channels and bin holders for periodic cleaning. In the case where more than one Flupsy is installed, the double gantry tracks will enable two gantries the ability to pass without interfering with each other.

Additional work floats can attach to the end of the Flupsy in the event the operator needs space on the Flupsy for sorting seed or other types of work.

The Flupsy is modular, comprised of 4 basic components, which are bolted together and can all be delivered by truck.

The modules are welded aluminum construction, utilizing 5052 marine alloys, providing the highest corrosion resistance. All parts are cut using CNC router technology ensuring uniformity of modules for ease of assembly and ease of future additions.

During assembly, modules are launched with a small crane or forklift, and bolted together onsite. All modules have a series of different size holes below the decking, allowing numerous options for water piping and conduit runs.



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